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Network Shell Access

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Hi Everyone,


Need an expert opinion on the working of ATC agent.


The agent is not working properly because it is blocked to access network shell (netsh.exe). Is there any possibility for agent work fine without given privilage of  netsh.exe?


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,




Re: Network Shell Access

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even I am facing a similar issue.

I have a deadline to get this solved.

hope this community helps.

thank you in advance.

Re: Network Shell Access

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I am also facing the same issue with the Agent. can any one help me with this issue.

Re: Network Shell Access

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Functionality wise there is no need for the agent to have netsh.exe privileges. This has been brought up before and in those cases it was a communication issue from the client to the cloud.


Please check the following:


For Active Trust Endpoints below port should be opened:
443/TCP → (for user registration, network configuration and software updates),
443/TCP, 443/UDP, 53/UDP, 53/TCP →

Depending on the proxy configuration, additional configuration may be required:
If the proxy is configured in the browser, browser will send all requests (URLs) directly to the proxy. ActiveTrust Endpoint will not receive any DNS queries. You should ask to configure the proxy to send its DNS queries to ActiveTrust Cloud.

If the proxy sits in the network and passes all traffic through, behavior depends on configured policies:

Authentication: If the proxy has an authentication policy configured for every single request (over HTTP/HTTPS), then ActiveTrust Endpoint’s heartbeat to the CSP portal will fail. You should ask to add a policy to bypass authentication for connections to
DNS proxy and policies: If a proxy is configured with a policy to block or otherwise modify or intercept DNS, you should ask to add a policy to bypass DNS queries to


If this doesn't help, please open a support ticket. Thank you.

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