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Hi guys,


I'm struggling with a rather odd inquiry of a customer.

There are a few Windows-Clients within an ActiveDirectory owning an official dns-name.

Since it's not possible to resolve these few computers in a local testlab and keep DNS-resolution to the public name intact I thought of introducing another dns-name for them.

My idea was to set the domain name DHCP-Option and enable DDNS to populate with an internally routable dns-domain.

Whenever I do an "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" the client registers in it's default Active Directory DNS-Domain which is also hosted on the same Infoblox-Grid.

DHCP doesn't add a DNS-Entry to that additional custom dns-domain, though.


Does anyone have a clue how to accomplish this? Besides telling the customer that naming a testlab like an offical domain isn't that clever and that request can't be fullfilled?




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