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OVA installation - Fatal error during infoblox setup

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I am trying to install my new Infoblox on vmWare. After deploying:



I am getting error: 

Fatal Error during Infoblox setup


see screenshot below:infoblox.png



Can you advise how to solve it? When doing OVA to template I am using the following JSON:


{"Deployment": "otherModel", "DiskProvisioning": "thin", "IPAllocationPolicy": "dhcpPolicy", "IPProtocol": "IPv4", "Annotation": "NIOS automates the error-prone and time-consuming manual tasks associated with deploying and managing DNS, DHCP and IP address management required for continuous IP network availability and business uptime.", "MarkAsTemplate": false, "PowerOn": false, "InjectOvfEnv": false, "WaitForIP": false, "Name": "infoblox-ddi-vm", "NetworkMapping": [{"Name": "VM Network", "Network": "KVLAN-2000"}], "PropertyMapping": [{"Key": "temp_license", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "remote_console_enabled", "Value": "True"}, {"Key": "default_admin_password", "Value": "Infobox123"}, {"Key": "gridmaster-certificate", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "gridmaster-ip_addr", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "gridmaster-token", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v4_addr", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v4_gw", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v4_netmask", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v6_cidr", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v6_gw", "Value": ""}, {"Key": "lan1-v6_addr", "Value": ""}]}%


I have also tried to add extra NICs (up to 4, as found in some threads that this might be required) to this VM but with no change in the behavior. 


Thank you,


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