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Promoting zone secondary to primary

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I am new to Infoblox. We have an authorative external zone with a primary DNS server and two secondary DNS servers. The primary server is EOL and we need to remove it from replying to lookup requests. Is it possible to simply "promote" one of the secondary servers to be primary for the zone and then remove the EOL primary from the server list? 

Re: Promoting zone secondary to primary

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Hi Tony. Yes. You can remove the Grid secondary server and add it as Grid primary server.

Re: Promoting zone secondary to primary

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I think Yes, it is possible to promote one of the secondary DNS servers to be the primary for the zone. Here's how to do it:

  1. Identify the secondary server that you want to promote as the primary.
  2. Update the zone data on the new primary server to reflect its new role as the authoritative source for the zone.
  3. Update the configuration on the other secondary servers to reflect the new primary server.
  4. Remove the EOL primary server from the list of servers.
  5. Verify that the zone is functioning correctly on the new primary server and the remaining secondary servers. ACE Flare

It is a good practice to perform these steps during a scheduled maintenance window to minimize the impact to users.

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