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Radius authentication class attribute for group fails

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Hi Bloxers,


I configured radius auth and keep getting group mapping errors.


to=AdminConnector ip= info=Admin has no enabled groups apparently_via=GUI:


The radius server I have is a small utility called luteus radius used only for labs.


It supports the class attribute and I see the radius responding with class attr which I think is the group.




I do see some issues with attr 32 and 80, what response is infoblox expecting for these?


Tue Mar 12 12:05:42 2019;<188>;0;Received unknown attribute 32;
Tue Mar 12 12:05:42 2019;<188>;1;Received unknown attribute 80;
Send ok Respond to
Tue Mar 12 12:05:46 2019;<188>;2;Received unknown attribute 32;
Tue Mar 12 12:05:46 2019;<188>;3;Received unknown attribute 80;
Send ok Respond to


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