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Recommended upgrade grouping for members

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Hi all, 


Our customer are wish to upgrade to latest 8.6.x version. 

Their Infoblox architecture are disperse into 2 geolocations as below:


Site A

Grid Master (HA)

External DNS (HA)

Internal DHCP FO with Site B (HA)

Internal Recursive DNS (HA)


Site B

Grid Master Candidate (HA)

External DNS (HA)

Internal DHCP FO with Site A (HA)



I wonder if anyone has best advice for how should i group the upgrade member, so that i will upgrade using "Upgrade Group Now" function? I aware that first and second would be 

1) Grid Master

2)  Reporter


But how about the next? 

Thank you for guidance. 

Re: Recommended upgrade grouping for members

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My suggestion:


3) SiteB-GMC

Grid Master Candidate (only)

4) SiteA-eDNS-DHCP

External DNS and DHCP

5) SiteB-eDNS-DHCP

External DNS and DHCP

6) SiteA-rDNS

Internal Recursive DNS (only)


If they are physical appliances, I strongly recommend that you make use of "Upgrade Group Now" for a better control of the process because one or another appliance may not power up after the reboot (this is acknowledged by KB). To use this function, you MUST schedule the upgrade. Set the sequence as "Date/Time" instead of "After group x" to give you buffer time to take action in case of the beforementioned issue takes place.





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