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Recycle bin issue

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Running NIOS 8.4.8-405274 and noticed my database use is creeping up, which I've tracked down to recycle bin entries.


When I try to delete them, I get the following error after a short pause.


NameError: global name 'gc' is not defined
 File "", line 470, in handlerequest
 File "/infoblox/common/lib/python/infoblox/one/admin_conn/", line 762, in execute
 File "/infoblox/common/lib/python/infoblox/one/admin_conn/", line 703, in _exec_handler
 File "/infoblox/common/lib/python/infoblox/one/admin_conn/", line 62, in execute
 File "/infoblox/common/lib/python/infoblox/one/ibap/", line 51, in execute
 File "/infoblox/common/lib/python/infoblox/one/", line 129, in empty_recyclebinobj

I'm planning on upgrading to 8.6.3 in the next few weeks, but just wondered if it's likely the delete will work after the upgrade or whether it's more indicative of some issue with the database that I will need to get support for?





Re: Recycle bin issue

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Well, sort-of just fixed it myself.


If I click on "show all" and then use the check box to select everything in the window and delete  it, when I try re-emptying again I can see the database count reduce by a few thousand although it then throws the same error.


I kept repeating this process of select all -> delete -> empty until eventually it's removed everything, so seems to be a few rogue objects in the bin that emptying gets stuck on.

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