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RegEx in search field

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Hi all.


I am quite new to IPAM so this might be some kind of a FAQ question:


When I am in 'Data Management' / 'IPAM' is there a way to filter the subnet-list using RegEx, e.g. .*168.* using the 'Go to' field?


I would like to understand the 'Go to' function a bit more, because even if I enter the complete network address (like, it does not limit the output to the given pattern, neither it selects the given network.


Is it also possible to directly jump to an IP-Address in the Network View?




Re: RegEx in search field

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The Goto function is to narrow down the list starting on the first characters. It is an autocomplete feature, where you enter the first few characters of the primary object/first column object to assist in drilling down into the subnets.


The Infoblox GUI is a contextual  environment. What this means is that depending on which Tab you are in (i.e.  DNS or IPAM home, etc.) the Goto will just autocomplete from the begining of the object in the first column


If you are in the IPAM home, then the Goto will only search the Parent Containters/subnets. The Goto is to autocomplete and guide you into the next Leaf subnet Tab. Once you click into that Leaf and then you can use the new Goto in that Tab to search that Tab only.


The Infoblox system does use Regex in other places but not the Goto.

Just search for Regex in the online Admin Guide.



If you are looking to find a specific object in the database and you do not want to drill down into subnets, then I would use the Global Search. You can find that in the far upper right corner. This will find and provide a list of every instance of your object (192.168.*) in the entire database ( again from the beginning) and you can then click on the object instance you want related to IPAM, DNS, DHCP, .etc and it will take you to that page.


Hope that helps

Bob Kloak

SE Infoblox

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