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Resolve host-name with specific IP instead of forwarding

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Here is the scenario. Have 2 building within 2 different domains. I will refer to them as BLDG A (Windows DNS) and BLDG B(Infoblox). We are moving to BLDG B, many services still reside within BLDG A. There are fowarders in place so DNS does resolve to each other's domains.


While we are in the transition phase, admins would like to access thier devices in BLDG A, using thier BLDG A credintials, but sitting within BLDG B. (Hope that makes sense). We can accomplish the credintial piece by utilizeing F5 APM.


Basically what I need is for admins within BLDG A to resolve a hostname to the servers actual address. Then have admins when sitting in BLDG B resolve to different address (the F5 VIP) so they can utilize APM and access the server using BLDG A credentials. Boths users would be using the same FQDN.


Hope this makes sense. We have this working for one service utilizing the Blacklisting capability within Infoblox. However many others would like the same treatmetnt, but from what I can tell the I would not be able to specify each blacklisted rule a specific address, but only a round-robin pool of addresses. I need a one to one replationship between each FQND and a specific F5 VIP IP address.


Of course if they would just migrate the users, they should be able to utilize eather domain for access, but I am not apart of that team, and that is not in the cards for now. So they are asking to this type of service.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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