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Send queries from: How to select LAN1

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NIOS 8.5.4 under Data Management ---> DNS ---> Members ---> Member1 ---> General


I'm trying to set the option "Send queries from" to LAN1 and there is no option in the drop down box for this.  Only these options:


Any interface (seems to work but would prefer to set LAN1)

IP (if selected this shows a loopback address but it does seem to work)

LAN2 interface (has a private IP so don't want to use this one)

MGMT interface (not in use)

VIP interface (grid member does not function properly when selected)


If I select Any interface not sure how it will choose the interface.  Will it round robin?  Will it choose LAN2 which is a private network and no internet access?  We don't have a VIP address.  Why didn't Infoblox provide an option for LAN1?

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