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show action_to_activate_hotfix - Suggested message

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NIOS: 9.0.3


After applying the patch I used the command: “show action_to_activate_hotfix”

I noticed that the command keeps its last "Suggested" and does not update itself even when the action has been performed. Here a reboot.

Example on one asset : (ditto on all other master & members)

show uptime

Up time :  15 min


show action_to_activate_hotfix myhost.localdomain

Hotfix generic name               : CHF-

Hotfix time                       : 04-07-24 23:41:04 UTC

Suggested best action to activate : Appliance reboot required

Member status                     : ONLINE


Note: This action is to be performed after applying the hotfix, if already done please ignore.


In the "Note" the "if already done please ignore" suggests that the "Suggested" message is indeed not updated.


Could you confirm this? THANKS

Re: show action_to_activate_hotfix - Suggested message

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Correct. The message will remain even after reboot. (i.e. the command has the ability to see if the hotfix has been installed but doesn't yet have the ability to detect if are reboot has happened after the hotfix installation... thus the "if you have already rebooted then please ignore this message")

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