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SonicWall DHCP feature?

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Hi all, newbie here, with little experience with SonicWall, and more experienced with nw and computers in general for the last 40 or so years.


At one of my clients', I have a small network with a variety of devices, some of which are VoIP phones.  I am not a super expert, but with what I know, and for the needs of the client, I set up the network such that their VoIP phones would work well and not be impaired by other traffic (QoS issues) and for redundancy the following way:


I got 2 different ADSL providers.  I connected the feeds to a big Cisco switch I bought, and set them up so that one would have IP address, and the other


Then I programmed the phones with static IPs setting the default GW for all of them to go to, and all the other devices (PCs, ethernet and wifi connected printers and BOSE speakers) to be on DHCP and get as their default GW.  Note that many PC's are connected to the 2nd port of the phones in serial fashion, as there is only one ethernet drop per office.


The challenge that I am trying to overcome is that when the workers bring their VoIP phones home to work during the pandemic, they usually are incompatible with the home routers unless I convert them 1 by 1 to DHCP, and then when they bring them back to the office, reprogram them with static IP parms.  


Finally, my question.  I am using SonicWall SOHO 250 as a DHCP server.  I am wondering if it is possible and if so how to set it up such that given the OUI of the client, (In this case all Yealink phones with 001565) they would get default GW of while everybody else gets


Thanks in advance for all replies, -jnr

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