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Swapping Physical HA node with single VNIOS

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I have a requirement for a client to swap exising HA pair of physical devices with a single virtual NIOS.

The requirement is to retain the existing IP (vIP) for the DNS& DHCP clients.  what is the best way to do it with proper database sync.?


1. Thought of changing the IP of the existing member & join the new vNIOS in the same IP- but chaning the IP of existing member changes IP in all DNS/DHCP config in the grid. So adding a new node- requires to reconfigure again -

2. Removing / deleting  the existing node from Grid, requires to remove all existing config - which means to re-configure the new node from scrach.


The main concern here is the dhcp db syn during the swap.



Re: Swapping Physical HA node with single VNIOS

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Hello there,


There are many ways to get your requirement done. You can follow the methods mentioned in Infoblox KB# 2896 - NIOS Hardware Replacement / Swaps.


If the swap is for a normal Member Node, i.e, not a Grid Master, you do not have to worry about DB Synchronization. Once the Node is swapped with the vNIOS instance, the Grid Master would sync the database that is relevant to the replaced Node back with the newly swapped vNIOS instance, and thus you would not be having data loss.


You can refer to the KB article mentioned above and let me know if it helps or if you have more questions. 


P.S: You need to change the 'Member type' of the Member you are swapping from 'Infoblox' to "Virtual NIOS" so that it would accept the Virtual instance. This change needs to be made after the Physical appliances are turned off in order to make the swap.

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