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TXT/SPF Import Error.

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I was finally able to try and import some of these and I received the following error:


"Line 2: Insertion aborted due to Cannot add an empty named record to the zone, which is not authoritative"


I saw that in this particular View, this domain is a Forwarding domain. Is that to say that the SPF records are only allowed/needed in Authoratative domains?



Re: TXT/SPF Import Error.

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Records of any type can only be added to an authoritative zone. Forward zones are intended to be used when you want to direct queries for that zone to another server and that other server is where records are served from.


If you intend to serve records from this Infoblox server/Grid, you may need to delete and re-add the zone as an authoritative zone.




Re: TXT/SPF Import Error.

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Thanks, Tony. I was able to resolve this once I actually got in there and started looking.


Much appreciated.

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