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Update New Licence

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we have a pair of 825 VE appliance that needs a new licence. This will mean a new OVF will need to be deployed and new licence applied. I will need to keep the existing IP's .

Just wondering if someone has done this in the past and whats the best way to achieve this ?

I was thinking to:


  • Take the Candidate offline and build a new virtual appliance ;
  • apply same IP and new licence ;
  • Add to the Grid as a new member ;
  • Once its synched, promote it to Grid Master ;
  • Repeat the process on another standalone member.

Just wondering if someoe has done this and if there is a better or easier option to achieve the same.

Re: Update New Licence

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If all you need to do is to apply a new license to a Grid Member, there is no need to rebuild the appliance.  You can log in to the CLI (via SSH) and issue the set license command to apply the new license key.


If you are upgrading the appliace (different model) or replacing as an RMA, then you can install the new appliace with the old appliance's IP address and rejoin the grid.  When the device rejoins the grid, it will take on the configuration of the appliace being replaced.  No changes required.


Reading through your steps, the Grid Manager will not allow you to add a new member with the IP address of an existing member.  So that step is not required, unless the new member will have a different configuration.

Re: Update New Licence

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If the licenses in the GUI are expiring for an appliance and the same is renewed, still we need to obtain the renewed licenses and apply it on the GUI or via CLI.
The Support portal and the appliance do not share the license information on their own.

To download the license, fetch the Serial number and locate the appliance in the 'Hosts' tab at the 'My Products' option.
Across the Serial number, you can see the option - 'Download License Keys'

This will allow the licenses to be downloaded in a .txt or .csv format.

You may upload this file directly to the GUI or open the file and pick the license keys and apply them via the CLI using the command 'set license'.
Note: This step needs to be followed for each license key separately.


Detailed steps to install DDI license keys:-

Through CLI:

From the CLI of the member appliance, issue the set license command.
Enter the license key when prompted.
Press y to install the license key or press n to discard the license key.


Through GUI

Select the Grid tab > select the Licenses tab > click the Add icon (plus symbol +).
Upload the license file (.txt or .csv file) that you downloaded from the Support Portal. You can also paste the license (from the notepad file) directly by selecting Paste License(s) option.
Click Save License(s).

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