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Updating an Auto-created PTR Record

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Hi, all. 


New to Infoblox and was wondering what the process is for updating a PTR record that was "auto-created by A record creation"?  Can I just update it or do I need to delete and add new or is there some third option I should be following?


Thank you,



Re: Updating an Auto-created PTR Record

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Hi Jason,


You can configure a NIOS appliance to confirm whether to delete a PTR Record when its corresponding A or AAAA Record is deleted.

Important: This feature is valid only if you have already configured the appliance to automatically create a PTR Record when you create an A or AAAA Record.

To enable this option:


  1. From the Data Management tab, select the DNS tab, expand the Toolbar and click Grid DNS Properties
  2. From the Grid DNS Properties tab, click the General tab > Advanced tab, and mark the check box to Enable PTR record removal for A/AAAA records. The appliance displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box
  3. Confirm your selection
  4. Save


We believe that this would answer your questions,  if not please feel  free to  get back  to us.



Aneesh R.

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