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Upgrade to version 8.6.2

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image-2023-7-19_11-3-5.png524708bb-2231-4d13-a9cb-c8bb026f0596(1).PNGFacing the issue with some of my Grid Members upgraded to 8.6.2. Its taking long time for some of the Grid Members (VMware in different geo locations). What could be the reason? Even after hours, it got completed with some warnings, what does it mean? How to get rid of this?



Re: Upgrade to version 8.6.2

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"Downloading Release From Master" indicates that this member auto-synced the new NIOS version from grid master rather than upgrading to the new NIOS version. Auto-sync is different from NIOS upgrade process. Auto-sync usually happens after the grid master has upgraded to the new NIOS version and when there is communication break between the member and grid master. After the communication issue, when the member joins back to grid master, it finds a software mismatch and then starts downloading the new NIOS version from grid master. The time taken for this process depends on MTU/bandwidth of the link between grid master and this member. To find out more on this from logs, I would suggest you to open a support ticket with support bundles from the grid master and these members which autosynced.

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