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Using an url for SNMP trap destination

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Very new to infoblox and NIOS/vNIOS, so apologies for a newb question. I have a Grid setup running on vNIOS devices across multiple locations and have a question on setting up SNMP traps on InfoBlox Grid.


Is it possible to use an url format for SNMP trap destinations when setting up SNMP ? We will be using an AWS load balancing front end to receive traps from our infoblox estate with our NMS system behind the load balancers. So we don't have individual ip addresses to add to the SNMP trap destination page, just an url. The trap destination field only seems to accept ipv4/ipv6, so is it even possible or will we need to implement some sort of local trap forwarder for the infoblox system to do the transition?


many thanks, Steve

Re: Using an url for SNMP trap destination

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First of all welcome Infoblox as a customer.  In this case, you will have to forward the traps to a trap forwarder. We only support trap receivers as IP addresses.  Sorry.



Re: Using an url for SNMP trap destination

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Thanks for the reply Thomas, it's a shame, but at least it stops me trying to find an answer within infoblox. Time to research trap forwarders. Now can snmptrapd forward using an url ?? managed to get it to forward using ip, but not url, so same situation as with the infoblox snmp settings

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