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Who keeps a copy of the Grid Database?

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Does every Grid Member retain a copy of the Grid Database?  Or is it only the Grid Master?  If only the Grid Master, what portion of the database (if any) do the Grid Members have?

Re: Who keeps a copy of the Grid Database?

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Hello there,


The Grid Master replicates the complete database to the Grid Master Candidate this is so that the Grid Master Candidate has all the data it requires in the event of a Promotion from Member to Master.


With regards to the normal Members, the Grid Master uses partial database replication i.e, the Grid Master replicates only the section of the data that is applicable and is relevant to the Members.


And this process is ongoing as any new update is made, the Grid Master Candidate receives all the database updates while the individual members receive only member-specific updates relevant to them.


Hope this answers your question.



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