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IP Reachability report

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Hi Team,


Anyway to create a report on the basis of the reachable IP addresses in a specific subnet?


We moved from spreadsheet to IPAM by manually imports all the IP address details. I need to reclaim a lot of IP addresses, as the sheet was not maintained properly. 


Now, I need assistance with creating a custom report which will tell me the IP address that are active and inactive in a subnet,


Any help with the request wil be greatly appreciated.

Re: IP Reachability report

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There are multiple ways to gain insight into this data and they depend on the way your grid is deployed.


By default you have the ability to perform basic discovery through a pingsweep on your ipam ranges, this will provide you with limited information about the IP's in your networks that are in use. This information can be access by exporting your IPAM data to csv but it is not synced over into reporting. The best way to display this data will be the NIOS web interface.


If you have Network Insight then the discovery engine will poll your routers and switches for connected devices which will provide you with information about unmanaged assets (clients in your network for which no DDI data exists) This data is synchronized to reporting and with this you can report on where these hosts are and even to which network device, port and vlan they are connected.  (This information is also available through CSV export and the API)



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