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There is a good video also. Topology review is somewere in the middle
SELECT [First Seen] , [Vendor] , [Model] , [DNS Name] , [IP Address] , [Network...
Appears to still be the same even with NetMRI Still can't get AES256 or 192 to work and have to regress to 128.
How to use above network object function in powershell through API? Is the same as next_available_network functionality?
The post you were replying to was spam and I removed it. If this issue persists and you are unable to see the topology please open a support case. It should render just fine but might take a moment to be calculated upon initial deployment
Ingmar, thanks for sharing a direction to look into. I appreciate your reply.
Without encrpytion port will be 389
@pponte : If the forwarder is an Infoblox DNS server within the forwarding memb...
Dear mmaklad , How the AP will learn controllers MAC address if they are connected in different switches. Thanks

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