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Hi mr.Ingmar The answer will be this $Assurance > 75 and $Type in ["Router",...
I have scp turned on but I did not have the enable changes flag on The image on...
No luck yet, I couldn't reach my goal Thanks for your help
I would open up a ticket with support, if it is not much of a change they can modify the device support bundle for your version. They would also be able to see where exactly it is going wrong.
To set up NetMRI in an HA setup your two nodes have to be on the same subnet as...
Thanks for your reply Ingmar. As per the code snippet it seems like details to ...
Excellent explanation of the situation Thank you so much Mr.ingmar
Can you post the process it will need to do in order to back up the additional configs?
In general you should not have to resort to custom fields, let me know the relevant case and I will follow up with support. This could be addressed through a Device Support Bundle.
Egads, I hate to be "that guy", but now it is working! Thanks so much for your reply, Ingmar...

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