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This behavior seems to be related to a known bug NETMRI-32838. This is fixed in the latest release 7.4.2
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The supported variables for Device Grouping are the following $ID unique NetMRI...
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Ran into this issue, found this thread searching for solution. Support helped i...
Yes, you nee a cloud tab that is on your internal Network That's how I have it set up at my house, very basic 3 router setup, going to add VRFs and some other SDN, vendors ens160 us the interface on my Ubuntu Server
Thank you for the tip, Rajiv. Polling that does succeed but the value is always...
If there is no internet connection on the sandbox you can use the following wor...
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I am doing it with python script , yeah it got solved command = "telnet google.com www /vrf VRFNaME /source-interface {}\r\x03".format(interface)

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