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Hello! I'm hijacking this post since i need exactly what you described malman. We need to find unused fixed/host DHCP-adresses and remove them.
@alistarsmith3 wrote: This is a wonderful Windows-based feature that most other...
Can you shared setting event logs on microsoft ? I have problem same you that can only see the History Users but no Active Users.
Hi folks Just to bring this full circle (somewhat). The problem has been resolv...
Also if i remove one of the node from cluster using Round Robin -Fixed , Does it required to restart the DNS Service.?
Hello Gentleman, Assuming that the clients are going to be sending the hostname...
@MisterFritchy wrote: Hi Mohammed, I'm in the same boat (I think) - I need to c...
Hi Malman. Thanks much for your input.
Thanks, Alert name is - si-search-dns-cache-hit-ratio. We had an issue with exc...

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