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Hi, You should be able to specify the network field on to the host as a filter....
Thanks Mohammed! So easy when you see it wrote out!
Fantastic. Thank you! This got me what I needed. Running several tests on my GRID, this call *does* appear to only pull outstanding changes. As soon as I request a restart, the list becomes empty again. So this is exactly what I needed!
Hello Ttreusch, While we could allow/deny specific keywords for a resource reco...
Hello Manikastuv, Going forward, please consider creating a new community post ...
Hello Nir, I've replicated the exact error you see, by changing the member to s...
The DNS protocol is also one of the few application protocols that are allowed ...
Thanks a lot for your kind and prompt reply.
Hey Mohammed, I managed to find out how to do this in the end but I appreciate your informative post nontheless. Thank you.

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