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why redirecting locally hosted website using rewrite not working

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I am learning on my own , I find CoreDNS really exciting its so simple to configure and the plugins based system.


I set this up below config for for my locally hosted website and on the same local network I have core dns running in docker


.:53 {
    import global
    rewrite name
    forward . tls:// {
    health_check 10s



I learned this from here:


however it doesnt work.


After adding these setting does not open at all.


my sceptesim is also on the apache settings where I say 




inside <VirtualHost> block.


secondly I doubt when I try to navigate in browser to the self-hosted.local it redirect to


I want to be able to drectly connect to locally hosted web app on port 443 directly to the local server ip


please help.

Re: why redirecting locally hosted website using rewrite not working

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Digging internet, I found something


rewrite name gitea.nsc gitea.default.svc.cluster.local

in this case I have a public facing domain name as gitea.nsc and local is called gitea.default.svc.cluster.local


which translates to 


rewrite stop {
    name regex (.*)\.nsc {1}.default.svc.cluster.local
    answer name (.*)\.default\.svc\.cluster\.local {1}.nsc

In this case of name regex (.*) gets replaced by gitea and same matches {1}

and reverse is answer name.


however in my situation is the public facing domain name does not matches to the local name at all.


and I tried the exact instead of regex but i spotted in coredns log that I have to use regex for the response to work.


so if is the public facing and local is myhost.local


what should rewrite stop should look like in terms of regex or something else.


rewrite stop {
name regex self-hosted\.ddns\.net rockpi\.local
answer name rockpi\.local self-hosted\.ddns\.net
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