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Windows DNS & Infoblox DNS DHCP

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we have an exiting Microsoft DNS and we r buying to 4 no's of infoblox appliances 2 no's for internal and 2 no's for external, i want to keep existing internal DNS records on the Microsoft DNS and i dont want to migrate to infoblox and infoblox will  be used only for external DNS resolution and DHCP , is that a good design can anyone tell me what are the advanctages and disadvantages of this design.


User will point to MS DNS, for external domain it will forward to infoblox server and for any DHCP request it will forward to infoblox server.

Re: Windows DNS & Infoblox DNS DHCP

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Obviously, a High Level Design requires more information.. But couple of ideas at this stage:


You may use Infoblox as a caching forwarder to MS DNS initially. This is a good introduction of Infoblox to the network.


Possible traffic flows are as follows:

Client --> Infoblox Caching Forwarder --> MS DNS

Client --> Infoblox Caching Forwarder --> Internet.


In this way, you will get granular visibility of Clients at the IP level, for both internal and external DNS queries and you will keep your existing MS DNS Domain at the first stage. It is a smooth transition. You may migrate your MS DNS service to Infoblox at a later stage.


Regarding DHCP, I would utilize 2 x separate members and establish DHCP Failover in between.


My 2 pennies.


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