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Zone transfer from linux to Infoblox

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Hi ,

Can any body how to copy all the DNS record from my linux server to Infoblox server, my basic opbjective is to migrate all record from linux to Infoblox DNS server.




Re: Zone transfer from linux to Infoblox

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Hi Shaukat,


We could use either of the below options to populate an Infoblox Primary zone with outside data:


- CSV import

- Import Zone option available in the Grid GUI (relatively hassle free)


Check out more on Import Zone option here.


Note: the Import Zone option performs an AXFR query to pull record data. Make sure to allow the appropriate permissions on the linux server to the Infoblox Grid Master's IP address


For more on CSV import method, go here.


Hope this helps.



Re: Zone transfer from linux to Infoblox

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If going from BIND to Infoblox, you can use the Data Import Wizard!  Collect the BIND config files, then on your Windows PC, run the Data Import Wizard.


Other option is to enable zone transfers on the BIND or old server, then create the new zone, importing the records via zone transfer.  This was mentioned above.  You have less control this was as compared with the DIW I mentioned above.

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