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ActiveTrust Cloud Now Offers Enhanced Protection with Content Categorization and Threat Intelligence

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Many organizations will tell you that while they would like to provide employees unrestricted access to the Internet, it may not always be in the best interest when it comes to ensuring security or maintaining high employee productivity. Content filtering or content categorization is a key approach to preventing employees from accessing objectionable content – e.g. social media, adult content and other restricted categories.


Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud, a SaaS-based DNS Security offering, now enhances protection by providing content categorization at the DNS layer. This ensures that DNS resolutions do not happen to websites that carry content that is out of compliance with company policy. This ensures the content policy is enforced and security admins can also review content activity using a dashboard.


Other significant enhancements to the latest release of ActiveTrust Cloud are covered in the paragraphs below.



Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE)

Allows for collection and management of curated threat intelligence from internal and external sources (including industry-leading threat intel providers, government agencies, AIS data feeds from NCCIC and universities) and distribution of threat intel data to third-party security systems for remediating threats rapidly.


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Public APIs for Custom Threat Feeds

This enables admins to use custom threat feeds and pragmatically add whitelists and blacklists from their organization into their DNS policies.


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Advanced Behavioral Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics to expand detection of potential zero-day threats (including various DGA families, FastFlux, DNSMessenger) and prevent the loss of data.


ActiveTrust Cloud also leverages rich network context using on-premises DDI data for better prioritization, and enables unified policy management, reporting for hybrid deployments.


Infoblox provides the only truly hybrid DNS security solution with an on-prem and a SaaS-based delivery model and a single dashboard to manage global security policy. So users are protected with a single unified solution that unlocks and leverages the rich network and business data from on-premises systems and integrates it with the security delivered via SaaS.


Learn more about ActiveTrust Cloud here.

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