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Defend Against Widest Range of Attacks on DNS and performance parity with existing PT appliances

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Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection (ADP) provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as DNS DDoS, exploits, NXDOMAIN, DNS data exfiltration (through known tunnels), and DNS hijacking attacks. Unlike approaches that rely on infrastructure over-provisioning or simple response-rate limiting, Advanced DNS Protection intelligently detects and mitigates DNS attacks while responding only to legitimate queries. Moreover, it uses Infoblox Threat Adapt™ technology to automatically update its defense against new and evolving threats as they emerge to deliver Actionable Network Intelligence. Details about ADP can be found here:


The latest version of ADP provides following benefits to the customers:


  • Leverage existing investment: With NIOS 8.3, to upgrade to the latest version of ADP, customers don’t need to replace the existing hardware. All they need to do is to upgrade software on Trinzic appliances and thus, the latest version of ADP allows customers to leverage existing investment.
  • DNS attack protection for a broader range of environments: Starting NIOS 8.3, Software ADP is now supported for a broader range of Trinzic appliances for protection against DNS based attacks:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.32.19 AM.png

  • Flexible deployment options: Software ADP is available for download on three Trinzic appliances as physical or virtual appliances. The virtual appliances are currently supported on VMWare and KVM only.
  • Performance Parity with existing PT appliances: With NIOS 8.3, Software ADP will provide performance parity with existing PT appliances. TE 4025, 4015, 2225, 2215, 1425 and 1415 have enhanced attack capacity because they use Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), which greatly boosts packet processing performance and throughput. Hence, these devices can drop attack traffic faster and still continue to respond to legitimate traffic.


What makes Infoblox ADP different from competitors:


  1. Protection against the widest range of DNS attacks: ADP provides protection against both volumetric attacks such as DNS Amplification, NXDOMAIN Attacks, and exploits such as DNS Cache Poisoning, DNS Hijacking, Reconnaissance. Here is the complete list of external and internal DNS attacks defended by ADP:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.37.32 AM.png

  1. Protection and against new and evolving threats: When Infoblox detects new threats, it creates rules and updates the Advanced DNS Protection as well as other grid members so that all the grid members have the latest threat update. Thus, Software ADP automatically protects the DNS server against new and evolving threats with an up-to-date set of threat protection rules.


  1. ADP is fully integrated with Infoblox grid:

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.38.43 AM.png

As shown in the figure above, DNS attacks come interspersed with legitimate DNS traffic. Advanced DNS protection (ADP) pre-processes requests and filters out attacks and responds to legitimate DNS requests. The attack types and patterns are sent to Infoblox Reporting and Analytics for reporting. When Infoblox detects new threats, it creates rules and updates the Advanced DNS Protection as well as other grid members.  Therefore all the appropriate grid members have the latest threat update.


Please follow the link below to receive 30-day free trial for ADP:


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