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Infoblox Subscriber Services Brings New Opportunities to Service Providers

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Service providers are constantly looking at ways to deliver profitable value-added services for both fixed and wireless access. However, legacy approaches like deep packet inspection tools or proxies for subscriber security and parental control cannot scale without massive investments, create extensive performance impacts, and are blind with gaps in specific user details.   


With our most current release, Infoblox empowers service providers to cost effectively deliver personalized services to their subscribers by harnessing the value of the network intelligence. 


Infoblox provides the industry-leading secure DNS platform with extensive value-added Subscriber Services. By consuming subscriber management information, Infoblox associates identity to traffic, enables policy enforcement, and identifies security incidents per subscriber for a granular level of visibility. Infoblox enables a comprehensive portfolio of Subscriber Services that runs on the industry’s most scalable platform which generates a predictable ROI by leveraging a flexible, pay-as-you-grow model.


With Infoblox Subscriber Services, service providers now have a cost-effective way to deliver personalized service by leveraging insights, provided by Infoblox, derived from the vast amounts of DNS data. This unique approach allows service providers to deliver differentiated personalized services, grow revenue and reduce customer churn. Infoblox allows them to achieve these goals by delivering a uniform service across their wireless and wireline networks, with a cost-effective, scalable solution that offers flexibility in deployment models. 


With this release, service providers have access to the following key capabilities:

  • Parental Control: Service providers can provide content filtering to their subscribers with the ultimate choice and control over the ability to block access to certain websites or content categories.
  • Subscriber Engage: Service providers can target and engage directly with their subscribers based on their online habits and preferences. For example, the provider can notify customers when they are running out of credit on a data plan and provide them options to upgrade or add additional capacity.  
  • Subscriber Insight: Service providers will reduce risk of malware propagation by identifying individual subscriber IDs with malware infection or users visiting specific domains.
  • Policy Enforcement: Service providers can reduce risks and vulnerabilities with the ability to select and enforce security policies on a per subscriber basis and create segmented offerings to more effectively address different markets.


Learn more about the DNS-based approach for Subscriber services.  View the press release or visit our website to learn how Infoblox supports service providers across the world. 

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