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NIOS 8.5.3 Release

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Infoblox Community,


After 6 months of ongoing NIOS investment since the combined NIOS 8.4.8/8.5.2/8.6.0 release in early February, Infoblox is proud to announce the latest features and benefits included in NIOS 8.x. With NIOS 8.5.3 (GA 7/28/2021), Infoblox continues over two decades of DNS, DHCP and IPAM development, enabling the secure, cloud-first network experience so customers can deploy the most reliable, robust and secure core network services for the hybrid network:


NIOS delivers efficient, multi-cloud integrations and automation, strengthens DDI reliability and control, and enhances Service Provider user experiences for hybrid networks of any size today and into the future.


NIOS 8.5.3 delivers value through three primary themes:


  • Increased multi-cloud integration and automation – Modernized Workplace Transformation
  • Improved reliability and control – Stronger DDI
  • Enhanced user experience – Extended Service Provider Capabilities


As organizations transition traditional data centers to modern environments with increasingly distributed operations, network and DevOps teams need better tools to manage the complexities of the hybrid, multi-cloud network. NIOS 8.5.3 addresses these challenges by delivering customer-driven requests, new functionality and enhanced solutions as follows:


  • Multi-cloud Integration and Automation. Enables modernized workplace transformation through:
    • vNIOS on Azure with Managed Disk for greater availability, reliability and security;
    • vNIOS running DNS as a VM on Red Hat OpenShift to simplify infrastructure and automation;
    • vNIOS IPAM on Openstack Wallaby for full visibility in the OpenStack cloud from within Infoblox;
    • vNIOS for Terraform next available network queries, IPv6 support, AWS support and update functionality for better control; and
    • VMware IPAM updates for vRA/vRO v7.6 with NSX (SDN) for better user experience with VMware’s latest DDI VM provisioning capability

Our Infoblox portfolio combines the best in enterprise-grade DDI with the widest support for virtualized and cloud environments.

  • Improved DDI Reliability and Control. Strengthens our market leading DDI services with:
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) for selected zones to improve permission and access to valid domains for better security and control;
  • Multi-Grid Manager (MGM) Sub-Grid Sync processes to centralize DDI data automatically from across the network for better visibility and reliability; and
  • Grid Network Time Protocol (NTP) Sync to deliver a common timestamp for offline networks to improve user experience and reliability.
  • Enhanced User Experience. Extends Service Provider capabilities using:
  • IPv6 DHCP Option Filters to enable greater visibility, control and vendor-specific responses for IPv6 DHCP requests on networks with multiple DHCP client vendors.

Channel Partner Highlight: Enhanced integrations, greater reliability and improved user experiences add value, deepen trust and enable our Channel Partners to serve as business and technical advisors for hybrid, core network and security solutions. NIOS 8.5.3 provides upgrades and new tools that expand and add multi-cloud integration and automation, increase DDI reliability and control and deliver better Service Provider user experiences — all from the market leader in reliable, hybrid core network and security solutions.


The business and technical value of our new and enhanced NIOS solutions are described in a variety of new and updated resources linked below. Technical details are further described in the NIOS 8.x Release Notes.


NIOS 8.5.3 Resources



Partner Update

Release Notes

Solution Note

Thought Leadership



If you are interested to learn more about the latest Infoblox NIOS enhancements, visit NIOS 8.x on or contact your Infoblox Account Manager or Solution Architect.

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