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Adding Extensible Attribute to DHCPv4 Top Utilized Networks Report.

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I want to add "Site" Extensible Attribute to the report - DHCPv4 Top Utilization Networks Report. But i dont know the programming part. Below are the columns report showing by default. 


  • Timestamp: The date and time of the recorded utilization.
  • Network View: The network view.
  • Network: The network address.
  • CIDR: The subnet mask in CIDR format.
  • DHCPv4 Utilization%: The percentage of DHCP addresses in use over the total number of DHCP addresses provisioned.
  • Ranges: The number of DHCP address ranges in the network.
  • Provisioned: The total number of IP addresses in the range.
  • Dynamic: The number of dynamic IP addresses in the range.
  • Static: The number of static IP addresses in the range.
  • Free: The number of free DHCP addresses.
  • Used: The total number of IP addresses in use.
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