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Custome reports

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I have /8 network which is dicided into more than 10000 subnets

Almost half of the subnets are added under the DHCP server .and DDNS update is checked and we have name of the client as well with all the lease information of the subnets individullay. These subnets are enabled for DNS and DHCP under the same grid.

I want to get report that will display me all the IPs that are under many subnets with name and with EA attributes


Some subnets are added manually and details are mentioned for understanding in EA.

under each subnet some IPs are being used and marked as used and soem are free.

These subnets are again updated with EA.


We want to extract report/sheet what are the ips are used in each subnet with details.


Is there any possibility that we can achieve it.




Re: Custome reports

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I don't think the EAs are in the reporting server associated with the IP records, so that's going to be a tall order at this point. 


I'm presuming you can't use smart folders for this, due to the number of returns? 

Re: Custome reports

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The network_ea_csv is being autoloaded, but at the moment the data is not accesible the way you would want. It is visible in the events. If you manually load a network eea dataset you can grab this data and act on it. Hoepfully the autoloaded one will be tweaked so the data can be current and not a single snapshot in time.

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