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Dashboard for BloxOne Thread Defense

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we are using bloxone Thread Defense cloud and I want to see the queries, resonses an the discovered threade in our nios reporting. Therefore I installed a data connector and configured it to send the data to the NIOS reporting. Everything is working fine. I can see the events from the cloud with the sourcetype "ib:dns:capture". What I cannot find is a predefined report or dashboard. Moreover I haven´t found a dashboard for this in the community.

Is a report or dashboard for this or do I have to build it on my own?


kind regards




Re: Dashboard for BloxOne Thread Defense

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Hi Vjockheck,


There are a few preconfigured DNS dashboards. However, I don't believe any solely focused on the data coming form the B1TDC,  so you would likely need to make your own.


Here are a couple links that might help: , see under the DNS Dashboards header


Thank you,


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