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DHCP Lease Reporting using Infoblox_Client

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Total Infoblox newbie, here.


Is it possible to use the infoblox_client to obtain DHCP lease information from the grid? And to obtain just a specific set of reurn fields?


I can get what I need using the WAPI, and python's requests object, but the client seems like it might offer a cleaner way; I'm just unsure how to ask for the specific fields I need returned.


(I don't want to provide too much information, so stop reeading at any moment...)


I need these fields: address,binding_state,client_hostname,starts,ends,never_ends,hardware,



For: lease?address>=first&address<=last where first and last are the start and end of the particular netblock in question.


For some of the netblocks I'm querying I can get back several thousands of rows.

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