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How to Accessing the Reporting Server via Splunk API

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I follow the article: Accessing Audit Log Information from the Reporting Server via Splink API (link: )The described attempt to use the Splink API to access the Reporting Server failed. The established readonly user can access the Reporting Server through the browser. I used the attachment of the above article to import postman for testing. The error returned by the query result is: Error: Request timed out. Guess that the port in the URL does not correspond to the actual one. See the port used in the attachment is 9185. However, I don't know whether the IP address when filling in the command should be the master IP or the IP address of the machine where the report service is located. At the same time, the port number that the report service listens to, and the connection cannot be made after multiple combinations. Can anyone tell me how to solve it? thank you very much!

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