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Infoblox and Windows DNS Servers question

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Currently my company has been using Infoblox as our main DNS resolver. The issue is it is not authoritative for any forward or reverse DNS zones and simply passes the lookup request on to the Windows DNS servers.


This seems to work great for forward lookups and A records are created when requested from the Windows clients. The issue is it does not work for reverse lookups or for PTR record creation.


PTR record creation works: Windows client -> Windows DNS (No Infoblox)

PTR record creation doesn't work: Windows client -> Infoblox -> Windows DNS


I am not sure why it was ever set up this way or if anyone even remembers what the reasoning was. My question is there a way to have Infoblox forward the PTR record creation the same way it works for the A record creation? We have a case open with Infoblox but not very confident in them right now.



Re: Infoblox and Windows DNS Servers question

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The question you posed here is a DNS architecture question, it isn't related to reporting.  I would suggest you post your question in the "NIOS DNS DHCP IPAM" section instead of the reporting one, that way you are more likely to get the right resources looking at it.


In general, because there is no detailed information, my guess is that the setup uses conditional forwarding to Windows rather than default forwarding, and no forwarders for the reverse zones were ever put in place.  However, there really is not enough information here for anyone to be able to give you a true analysis.

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