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Member Status from "Dashboards > Status" to Reporter Dashboard

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Dear Infoblox Community, good days,



One of my customers asked for customs dashboards, everything OK, I was able to clone, re-use and tune-up several of the default dashboards, but the customer also wants a custom Dashboard that shows Grid Member: CPU, Memory, Database Usage, Disk Usage and health of the member.


On the navigation tabs: In Dashboard > Status, you can add content, on the content there is a "Member Status" widget, which shows exactly this data, the questions are:

1) On the Reporting tab, is something like this? Anything? I tried the search "disk" criteria (the only one that I can't obtain from any dashboard) *


2) Or: how can I get a dashboard (on the Reporting Tab) or a search or a report that show the hardware status of the members? *

*Also, as an extra requirement, my customers wants to generate a PDF report of this.

Thank you for your kind help,
Best regards,

Gerardo Guizar

Re: Member Status from "Dashboards > Status" to Reporter Dashboard

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Hi Team, 


I am also looking for similar dahboard. If anyone was able to get the splunk query which provides the grid status as well the computer resource stats. Please share. 

Thanks in advance. 

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