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Migrate Report Database from old member to new member

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Hi all,


Currently there is a old reporter server (let said IP is is running in my grid, and all members are forwarding data to this old reporter. I also planning to setup a new reporter server (let said IP is in my grid and replacing this old reporter slowly. All members should start forwarding to new reporter instead of old ones. For that, I wonder if there is anyway to migrate data from old reporter to new reporter when both reporter members are up and connected to Grid? Is there a way like sort of database transfer method between old reporter to new reporter.

Udnerstand that from KB, there is a Reporting Backup and Restore method via FTP/SCP, but that is one to one reporter appliance replacement, which sort of not our deployment style. 

Our one more towards allow both reporter running in grid at same time, then gradually phase out old one if every report database is migrated.

Hope to have your opinion on this.

Thank you.

Re: Migrate Report Database from old member to new member

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Can we get the update on this 

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