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Problem with Query counting

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Thanks a lot for the support that you will provide to me.

We have a vm5005 Reporting Collector.


We have a problem with these report  "index=ib_dns_summary report=si_dns_requested_domain" .

The problem is that for some domains that are managed by three memeber the search doesn't give result.

It seems doesn't collect nothing.

For other domains managed by other two grid-member the search works and there are collected events.


%index for "DNS Query" in "GRID REPORTING PROPERTIES" is set to 72%

All the member have the flag "DNS Query" set on the "REPORTING MEMBER PROPERTIES is managed by gr-memb1 and gr-memb2 .

For this domain the report is working good. manged by other three memeber .

For this domain the report and the search doesn't work


I found the last data collected for If I set as tima range (Previous Year).


Thans a lot in advance for your support.


Best Regards



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