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Provision the reporting disk before licensing

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I deployed a OVA template for my reporting server. I set the temp Grid license, when I try to apply the NIOS license for IB-2205 I get an error.


Error: You must provision the reporting disk before adding a license to the Reporting server.


I checked the documentation and deployment guides etc. Couldn't find anything related this.


Can someone help?

Re: Provision the reporting disk before licensing

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here the step you can follow,

- deploy the ova file (make sure no automatically power on after deployment)

- add new virtual disk, so after this you will have 2 virtual disk

- then power on


After that you can set the nios license. it should work.



Re: Provision the reporting disk before licensing

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Hi @aralvidra02


I did the steps, you have mentioned and add a new disk to the VM, but still the same Error for me.

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