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View the total disk size and usage for reporting member

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How can I view the total disk size and usage of the disk for the reporting member?  I am in the process of replacing the reporting member and am backing up the reporting database.  We don't currently have a complete backup of the database.  The backup has gone on for a few hours now and am hitting about 55G on a remote SCP server.

Re: View the total disk size and usage for reporting member

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Unfortunately, there is no options to determine the size of the reporting backup to be exported. In fact, there is an existing feature enhancement request (RFE-8472) opened for the same. However, we can still get an estimate on what can be the maximum possible size by checking the reporting disk space usage from ‘show disk’ output of the reporting member. Backup files would be exported in compressed format (tar.gz) which makes the estimated size to be something less than the reporting disk usage.


We should also keep in mind that it does a ‘full’ backup (export the complete data) only for the first backup attempt and will be ‘incremental’ for the successive backups.

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