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#5763: Recommended information to provide when submitting technical case to Infoblox Support


This Knowledgebase article is design to aid case submission to partners providing Level 1 / Level 2 supporting their end user under Infoblox's Partner Support Program (PSP).


Support Request Submmission

Partners requesting for technical assistance from Infoblox support should provide as much information as possible (based on the following recommendation troubleshooting steps below).

This will ensure prompt case resolution.

Please select the proper template to open the case on below (Either Production issue and General Question)

A.     For Production issue:

  1.    Problem Summary:

    i.    What are the symptoms of the problem?
          <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

   ii.    What is the frequency of the problem? 
          [  ] Persistent
          [  ] Intermittent
          [  ] One-time

  iii.     When is the date/time of first occurrence?

  iv.    Is the problem still occurring (please select only one)? 
          [  ] Yes
          [  ] No

   v.   What happened before the issue occured (e.g. Was there a change event that has took place, power trip, etc.). 
       <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

  vi.    What services are impacted?
          [  ] DHCP
          [  ] DNS
          [  ] Reporting
          [  ] Grid
          [  ] NTP
          [  ] GUI
          [  ] Others:

  vii.   How widespread is the issue
          [  ] one/multi user
          [  ] same locations
          [  ] one/multi grid members?

  2.    Did you perform any analysis based on one or more of the following Knowledgebase article?
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot Infoblox appliances performance issue (KB#797)
          [  ] GUI shows error “An error has occurred. Contact technical support ...” (KB#3890)
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot DHCP issues (KB#4035)
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot Grid communication issues (KB#4368)
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot GUI slowness issues (KB#4370)
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot Reporting issues (KB#4373)
          [  ] Logs/data required to troubleshoot DNS issues
          [  ] HW Failure (Including FRU)

  3.   Data collected: based on the article selected above
         [  ] Support Bundle
         [  ] Database backup
         [  ] Packet Capture
         [  ] Output on CLI
         [  ] High Level Network Topology
         [  ] Custom Script. (if applicable)
              e.g. PERL script 

  4.    Please provide your troubleshooting and actions taken so far (including based on the article selected above)
          [  ] Analysis of the Support Bundle
          <Please provide your analysis here>

          [  ] Analysis of the Packet Capture (if applicable)
          <Please provide your analysis here>

  5.    Please provide the Exact reproduction steps taken
          [  ] Reproducing issue on Lab
          <Please provide your analysis here>

  6.    What have you attempted to solve the issue (Workaround).
          <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

  7.     Additional other comments:
          <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

B.     For General (Config/license/others) question/request:

  [  ] NIOS Configuration (feature or option)
  [  ] Log message (Event/Syslog/Audit logs)
  [  ] Security Vulnerability (if applicable, please describe CVE- registered number)
  [  ] License issue
  [  ] Document request

  1. Question/Request description:
       <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

  2. Where did you search the information related to your question?
  [  ] KB on support site (Please note KB number you searched)
  [  ] Administration guide (Please note pages you searched)
  [  ] MyProducts for on support site (if applicable for license issue)
  [  ] Community Site (Please provide author and posting date)

  3. Additional other comments:
       <Please describe what works /  does not work.>

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