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#6017: Customer migrations to ActiveTrust Standard: Detailed summary and FAQs


What is happening?

Infoblox is currently in process of working with all customers who subscribe to our legacy DNS Firewall feed subscription to assist with migration to our new Active Trust / Infoblox Threat Intelligence Feed.  Infoblox will be decommissioning the legacy DNS firewall feed on January 31st, 2017, so it is important that all customers using the legacy feed have migrated to the new feed before this date.


Why is this happening?

Infoblox is making the change in order to provide you with a better DNS Firewall experience that is fully integrated with your Infoblox DDI Infrastructure. You will be given access to the Infoblox Cloud Services Portal (CSP), where you will be able to manage the application of a broad set of RPZ files across your entire Grid. These new and improved RPZ data feeds are curated specifically for the Infoblox DNS Firewall by the experts in our Cyber Intelligence group, which Infoblox acquired as part of its acquisition of the threat intelligence company IID earlier this year.

The CSP and Infoblox-curated RPZ-formatted data package, called ActiveTrust® Standard, was launched into production in April. The new system has been well-received by those customers that have converted already. Due to this successful introduction, Infoblox is terminating its relationship with the previous third-party provider of the RPZ-formatted data and management infrastructure. The third party-provided infrastructure and RPZ-formatted data will no longer be available to Infoblox customers as of January 31, 2017. We believe that by transitioning our customers to the new Infoblox threat Intelligence solutions we can deliver a superior service that makes deployment and operations simpler and more effective.

The new system also allows us to provide more threat intelligence options for you. Infoblox has just released two new threat intelligence packages, called ActiveTrust Plus and ActiveTrust Advanced, that offer more RPZ-formatted threat intelligence data, including data from SURBL, a widely-respected threat intelligence provider. For more information, please see or contact your account team.


How do I migrate?

You may contact Infoblox Support at any time by phone or through our Infoblox Support Portal at and request to be prioritized for the migration. We will work internally to have you added to the next batch of customers we are provisioning for the new feeds and communicate status through the Support case we will open for this.  Infoblox Support is also currently in process of directly reaching out to legacy DNS Firewall feed subscribers who have not contacted us.



The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) may help to answer any additional questions you may have relating to this migration. If you have any additional questions not covered below, please reach out to your Infoblox Account team for additional details.


Q: I see multiple ActiveTrust offerings when I review on www. Which of the ActiveTrust offerings will I be moving to with this transition?

A: You will be migrated to the "ActiveTrust Standard Threat Intelligence feed". This feed is the direct replacement of the existing DNS Firewall feed.


Q: What will happen if I do not migrate prior to the cutoff date on January 31st, 2017.

A: After January 31st, your DNS firewall appliance will stop receiving threat intelligence updates. This means that the existing data on the Infoblox DNS Firewall will remain in place, but you will not receive any updates. This will usually lead to stale data creating false positives and reduces protection in your environment.


Q: My subscription is ending and service contract is due for renewal prior to January 31st, 2017. What should I do?

A: Although you will be migrated to ActiveTrust Standard Threat Intelligence feed through the normal service renewals process, you will still need to go through the migration process.


Q: What can I do if I am unable to migrate by the January 31st, 2017 cutoff date?

A: We STRONGLY encourage you to make the migration due to the superior service, but if you are unable to migrate for any reason, please raise this with your Infoblox Account team immediately.


Q: Should I wait for Infoblox to contact me before starting this process?

A: To avoid any unforeseen issue, it is highly recommended that you inquire with Infoblox Support as soon as possible rather than waiting for Infoblox to contact you. Although the transition should be seamless, it would be best to get this done as soon as possible in case any unforeseen issue is encountered with your individual account.


Q: Is my organization charged for this transition?

A: No, there is no additional financial cost due to the transition. It is covered by your existing subscription.


Q: How will this affect the end date of my current subscription?

A: There is no impact. The same subscription end date will apply.

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