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#6150: Maintenance licenses not generated after renewal / for new appliances

Due to the recent changes in the licensing methodology implemented, the maintenance licenses (NIOS and GRID Maintenance) will not be generated hereafter at the support portal to replace/update existing maintenance licenses (expired / about to expire) in the GUI. New appliances also will not generate maintenance licenses in support portal.

Please note that Maintenance licenses are cosmetic licenses that were used to indicate the due date for renewal of maintenance contracts and will not affect the functionality of the appliance at all.


Additional Information:


Question: How do we check the Maintenance renewal dates then?

Answer: Customers can verify the maintenance contracts in My Blox under 'Maintenance Contract' tab in portal.


Question: What about the expiry warning alert shown up in the GUI?

Answer: Customers can delete the maintenance license from GUI to remove the expiry warning alert.

Note: Deleting Maintenance licenses will not cause any service impact or service reboot.


Question: What if I fail to notice the contract expiration details?

Answers: Service renewals team or Account team will notify the customers 90 days prior to the maintenance license expiry


If you have any additional questions, please contact your Account team or reach out to Support team.

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