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How to Apply/Install Grid-wide license?

Download the license file from the support portal by entering the Grid-UID/LPCUID.

Please use the following CLI command in the Grid Master to obtain the LPCUID or GRID-UID: "show license_uid" or "show license_pool_container

Please refer to the KB 000001496 for instructions to assign and download licenses. 

Grid-wide licenses are associated with the entire Grid and are assigned to the Grid UID instead of any HWID and the Grid-wide licenses are replicated to all members in the Grid when installed.

To apply Grid-wide DDI license key (recommended through CLI)

1. From the Grid master CLI, issue the set license command.
2. Enter the license key string.
3. Press y to install the license key or press n to discard the license key.

The Gridwide license file generated through portal cannot be applied through GUI due to some technical issues. Our IT team is actively working on resolving this.

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