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Support Central: KB #4810: NIOS Release 7.3 Available

Infoblox NIOS software, coupled with Infoblox appliance platforms, enables customers to deploy large, robust, manageable and cost-effective Infoblox Grids. This next-generation solution enables distributed delivery of core network services - DNS, DHCP, IPAM, TFTP, and FTP - with the nonstop availability and real-time service management required for today's 24x7 advanced IP networks and applications.

Please note the following:
NIOS 7.3.x is not supported on the following appliances: IB-250, IB-250-A, IB-500, IB-550, IB-550-A, IB-1000, IB-1050, IB-1050-A, IB-1550, IB-1550-A, IB-1552, IB-1552-A, IB-1852-A, IB-2000, IB-2000-A, IB-VM-250, IB-VM-550, IB-VM-1050, IB-VM-1550, IB-VM-1850, IB-VM-2000, and Trinzic Reporting TR-2000 and TR-2000-A series appliances. You cannot upgrade to NIOS 7.3.x on these appliances. See Upgrade Guidelines on page 16 for additional upgrade information.

Infoblox does not recommend operating the physical Trinzic TE-820 appliance as the Grid Master running NIOS 6.10.x and later releases due to memory constraints. Grid Manager (the Infoblox GUI) might appear sluggish after an upgrade or new installation. On rare occasions, running NIOS 6.10.x or a later release on the Trinzic TE-820 might result in less than optimal performance. To address this issue, you can deploy the latest version of the Infoblox 820 virtual appliance (IB-VM-820) as the Grid Master.

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