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Support Central: KB 5663: Network Event that includes interaction with DDI Infoblox solution

This particular KB article focuses on DDI solution planning and recommendations.  If you are planning a network migration and/or upgrade which impacts your Infoblox solution, we recommend contacting your local SE for resource guidance and best practices recommendations.

In terms of support, we recommend creating a place holder incident prior to the planned event. Infoblox has a specific list of information we recommend collecting and adding to the place holder incident case notes.


In the event of an issue during your planned event please call the Infoblox support line and reference your incident case number. Please clearly state the impact to your business along with the symptoms you are experiencing.


These recommendations will help in mitigating potential issues prior to your planned event and in the case that an issue does occur, our support agents can respond quickly to help regain stability. This data may also expedite recovery or rollback if required.


*Note: Generally, support does not assist side by side with scheduled upgrades and maintenance events. Depending on contract levels and particular situations support does participate in internal Infoblox technical discussions with regards to pre-planning and recommended procedures. Infoblox does offer cost base programs such as professional services. Please consult your local sales team for the best options.

DDI -- needed data:

  •     Scheduled Date
  •      Scheduled Time
  •      Primary Contacts
  •      Did you contact your local SE?
  •      Specific Infoblox Appliance or VM 
  •      Current Software Version
  •      List any associated third party equipment
  •      Data Base Backup
  •      Support Bundle
  •      Topology information
  •      Do you have reporting enabled?
  •      Do you DNS query logging enabled?
  •      Do you have DNS query response logging enabled?
  •      Do you have an external syslog server?
  •      Have you configured MMDNS?
  •      List current load on Infoblox
    • DNS Queries per second?
    • DHCP LPS (lease per second?
    • Dynamic updates per second?
  •     Are you running any scripts through our API (PAPI/WAPI)?
  •     Brief summary of planned event
    • Type of event - Upgrade, Migration, Green Field
    • Method of Procedure



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