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Support Central: KB #786: Applying license keys for NIOS Appliances

Wondering how to apply license keys for your NIOS Appliances?  We've got the answer! Although this has been avaiable for some time, it's been picking up traction lately so we wanted to publish it for you.




All versions of NIOS


License keys for NIOS version 6.x and later versions can be applied through the GUI or through the CLI. License keys for earlier versions of NIOS can be applied only through the CLI.

Note: If you get an error while applying a license key through the GUI, apply the license key through the CLI.

Applying a license key for NIOS 6.x or later versions through the GUI

To apply a license key through the GUI:

  1. Select the Grid tab  > select the Licenses tab > click the Add icon (plus symbol +).
  2. Upload the license file that you generated from the Support site or from a previously backed-up file. You can also paste the license (generated from Support site) directly by selecting Paste License(s) option.
  3. Click Save License(s).

Applying a license key for any version through the CLI

To apply a license key through the CLI:

  1. From the CLI, issue the set license command.
  2. Enter the license key string.
  3. Press y to install the license key or press n to discard the license key.

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