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Hello - I just wanted to circle back on this and see if there has been any adde...
You can use Rule Logic Builder as well Must Contain snmp-server community "string1" operator snmp-server community "string2" unrestricted Must not Contain snmp-server community (?!("string1" operator| "string2" unrestricted))
I just tried it and it worked for me. See attached. One thing - you should try ...
Cannot view demo, it requires a session ID to enter.
Hello Lou, If I understand correctly it should be possible to use dynamic value...
No, NetMRI cannot be configured to receive traps.
We do not allow direct access to the DB for a number of reasons, although many customers are able to create custom reports using our API which is fairly robust.
There’s nothing worse than trying to make the network better and finding out th...
Yeah, that'll be nice! We have a VIP lounge that he can go to and hide from all his Infoblox Fans.

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