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Author: Philip Parker, Infoblox Senior Technical Marketing Engineer There are m...
Infoblox's Advanced DNS Protection (ADP) product has many features that enhance...
I have opened a support request and response is: currently is not possible.
Yes this does occur, the previous copy of the security dashboard is renamed wit...
You could achieve this with extensible attributes (define point/port to subnet or shared network), and some WAPI calls to query, and request next available IP.
This is a Microsoft specific feature - which can be addressed via option 43 in IPv4 DHCP Options either at the Grid Level, or per DHCP range.
It is only a recursive server
Unfortunately, IP->hostname is often not 1 to 1, otherwise your browser would do a reverse lookup, and display the name. It would be a feature of the browser, not the nameserver.
It sounds like it is in read-only mode. I suggest you look to the NIOS Administ...
I'm wondering if you've seen the most recent Reporting Server with full access ...

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